31 Oct '11-12:09
Wormy Brain


Happy Halloween all! As a Halloween promotion, Jello was giving out these gelatin brain molds while supplies lasted. I got one for us. This Wormy Brain is what we'll be having tonight for FHE.

The Pixie Shtick

03 Oct '11-12:21
Fresh Clean October

New month and there is a lot I've got to get done around here. I'm planning on painting some walls now that the blistering heat of summer is over and we have a lovely warm autumn. Good gravy, I hate summer. Hopefully I can get inspired today to clean out some junk. I've already started with one box. Clean Mama is always an inspiring read for high ambitions.

06 Sep '11-19:31
End of an Age

I had a lot of fun with my family this past week. We said goodbye to my sweet grandmother. Ephraim kept saying "I will miss her." They were good friends. I'm lucky I had such great grandparents. You may recall last year my grandfather passed away. I'm glad they are now together and will be for eternity. It was kinda hard to say good bye, but we have such beautiful memories.

02 Aug '11-10:35
Embroidered Cotton Shirt


And something pretty. Link.

01 Aug '11-14:25
Been Watching Suits


Pretty interesting so far. Who knew. Gotta love USA.

30 Jul '11-16:49
To the Pool!


Sweet Bag. Link.

29 Jul '11-15:19
Lucite Skull Earings


Want. Link.

27 Jul '11-16:44
Color on my Mind: Ocean


18 May '11-08:37
I Prefer to Text


16 May '11-18:31
I heart Sherlock


I'm in love. This is my new favorite show. Droool.

20 Apr '11-08:56


We've been so super busy. I hardly take time to blog anymore, but surprise. We have chickens! They're totally awesome.


06 Apr '11-13:49


I want one.


29 Mar '11-13:31
Egg Shell Planting


We've been growin stuffs.


28 Mar '11-09:23
Paper Masks


It still fills like the weekend. Maybe its because its spring. Everything goes through upheaval in the spring. I just want to have fun. But I guess I better start my week.


17 Mar '11-17:26
Romantic Fotos



Clever idea. I'm always amazed at photographers who can recreate like this.