Topical Guide: N
The Name of the Church
Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 290-292
The fact that no church bore Christ's name is discussed as an evidence of the Great Apostasy.
Birth of Naphtali.
Blessing from father, Jacob.
The Dead Sea Scrolls 4Q215, "The Last Words of Naphtali"
The Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q252
Blessing from father, Jacob.
Near-Death Experiences
From October 1989 General Conference.
Elder Haight describes something like a near-death experience he had. (A near-death vision.)
New Converts
The New Jerusalem
New Jerusalem to be established on the American Continent.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q537
A vision of Jacob. This is understood to contain a description of the New Jerusalem.
I see in it a description of both the new and the old Jerusalem. Of particular interest is the description of an area divided into squares. This description parallels the description of the New Jerusalem in 4Q554. (This is why the description in this scroll is taken to be a description of the New Jerusalem.)
Joseph Smith, compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith, "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith", p. 84-85
Joseph Smith remarks on the distinction to be made between Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is to be caught up into heaven and is to descend from heaven. The New Jerusalem is to be established in the Americas.
New Scripture
Dallin H. Oaks, "All Men Everywhere", Ensign, May 2006, p. 77, Part VI
One way new/old scripture can be revealed to us is exemplified by the Dead Sea Scrolls.
We should be ready to accept further scripture.
Orson Pratt, "King Limhi's Enquiry, Etc.", Journal of Discourses, Vol. 19, pp. 217-219
Lists many records expected.
Says the Urim and Thummim will be returned and there will be another seer.
Enoch prophesies that when his book is written down and distributed in its pure uncorrupted form, the righteous will receive books from which they will learn wisdom.
The Nicene Creed
Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, "The Things Which I Know", General Conference, April 2007, Sunday Morning Session
"Personally I cannot understand it. To me the creed is confusing."
The text of the Nicene Creed.
Jasher 27
His death.
Enoch 60-71
Noah sees a vision (60-64) and goes to Enoch to hear enquire about its meaning (65-71). Noah learns, among other things, about the flood and his mission.
Enoch 93:4
Enoch prophesies of Noah.
Story of Noah's birth and life. (Somewhat odd romantic-looking story.)