Topical Guide: I
Enoch 46:7
"their faith is in the gods which they have made with their hands."
Idol worshiper shall not be supported by their idols when the day of destruction comes.
Inactives and Less Actives
"if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?"
Clayton M. Christenson, "My Ways Are Not Your Ways", Ensign, Feb. 2007, p. 54, point 1
More about leaving the 99.
Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 271-273
Discusses the sale of indulgences during the Great Apostasy as it relates to the overall wickedness of the clergy.
14th century poem.
Cites the wickedness of the clergy in conspiring to sell indulgences. (and in other practices)

(Available in more modern English though without line numbers at
"Questions and Answers", Ensign, June 2006, pp. 62-64
Institute of Religion
The experience of a young woman who was looking to feel comfortable in a strange place. Part of her resolution consisted of participation at institute classes.
Spirits differ in intelligence.
God is most intelligent.
"intelligence" used to refer to a being.
Intelligence received by obedience.
Intelligence, the light of truth, was not created, nor can be. (Seems to refer intelligence as a being in context.)
Intelligence is "light and truth".
Intelligence forsakes the evil one.
The wicked one taketh away intelligence through disobedience.
We are commanded to bring up our children in light and truth.
Intelligence received by obedience.
All blessings dependent upon obedience to associated law.
Intelligence gained in mortality is advantageous to us in the next life.
Isaac (Son of Abraham)
Jasher 21
Issachar (Son of Jacob)
Blessing from Jacob
The Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q254, Frags 5-6
Blessing from Jacob
Issuing Calls
A. Wayne Baker, "Confirming the Call", Ensign, April 2007, p. 69
I'm unsure of how correct the principles he outlines are, but the experience is a good one.