Topical Guide: M
Marriage of Adam and Eve.
Leaving and cleaving.
"Church Supports Call for Constitutional Amendment", Ensign, July 2006, p. 74
... prohibiting same-sex marriage.
Matthew O. Richardson, "Three Principles of Marriage", Ensign, Apr. 2005, p. 20
Thoughts related to Moses 3:21-25
President James E. Faust, "Enriching Your Marriage", Ensign, April 2007, pp. 5-8
Discusses misconceptions regarding 1 Corinthians 7:7–9, where it would appear, to many, that Paul is antagonistic towards marriage.
Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 198-207
Discusses the doctrine of marriage and its loss during the apostasy.
An interesting story which highlights nicely the kind of unselfishness we need to have to hava successful marriage.
President Spencer W. Kimball, "Oneness in Marriage", Marriage and Family Relations: Participant's Study Guide, Lesson 3
Duties of husband and wife.
"'Soul mates' are fiction and an illusion"
"almost any good man and any good woman can have ... a successful marriage"
Some good comments in response to the question: "I’m confused about the principle of priesthood leadership in the home. Could you explain how priesthood leadership should operate in the family?"

I can't say that I completely agree with the answer, but I think the main points are correct and that if there is any error in it, it is minor.
"Marriage is a partnership. Each is given a part of the work of life to do. The fact that some women and men disregard their work and their opportunities does not change the program."

"When we speak of marriage as a partnership, let us speak of marriage as a full partnership. We do not want our LDS women to be silent partners or limited partners in that eternal assignment! Please be a contributing and full partner. "
Joseph Smith, compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith, "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith", p. 120 +footnote
(May 8, 1838) Joseph Smith states that "we" do not believe in having multiple wives at once and that "we" do believe in marrying again hastily after the death of one's spouse. (The footnote cites a well-known exception to this later rule which Joseph Smith pointed out.)
Fears about Marriage
Fallacious Thinking
Counsel for Courtship
Praying about It
Have Confidence in the Lord
Overcoming Obstacles
Living the Lord’s Way
Seeking Christlike Characteristics
Various experiences related regarding making the marriage decision:
Trusting the Lord to Be My Guide
Choosing to Take My Own Path
Reaping the Rewards of Faith
Looking Ahead—Not Back
Choosing Love
Relying on Faith, Not Fear
Martin Harris
"Martin Harris Wallet Donated to the Church", Ensign, June 2007, p.79
Announcement with some discussion of the historical significance.
Joseph Smith Jr. in Dean C. Jesse, ed., "The Papers of Joseph Smith", Vol. 1, pp. 9-10
Account of work with Martin Harris.
How the Lord appeared to him in a vision.
How he took characters to Prof. Anthon to examine them.
How he lost the 116 pages.
Mayim and Hashamayim
Raukeeyang, signifying expanse, or the firmament over our heads; but in this case, in relation to this subject, the Egyptians meant it to signify Shaumau, to be high, or the heavens, answering to the Hebrew word, Shaumahyeem.
Uses the analogy of a plane rising above stormclouds to illustrate the need for the sould to rise above the trials of the world.
Brigham Young, "Building Up Zion, Etc.", Journal of Discourses, Vol. 13, pp. 153-154
"Neither urge ... every one at the table to ... gorge themselves"
Comments on having simple meals and good simple foods.
Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 284-285
The counsel of church leaders prior to the apostasy on entertainment. This is particularly interesting as some of what they say sounds just like what we might expect to hear during general conference.
An account from a family that found itself without television for a time and how much it affected their lives for the better.
Vexed by the material that her television was introducing into her home, Mrs. Eyring cut the power cable on the family television set, and when her determined children repaired the cable, she dropped the TV off the table, putting a big crack in the screen. This was the end of the Television in the Eyring home. This was a very positive change for the household.
Reprint of an address delivered in October 1946
"missionary work at home must increase as never before. We shall employ every modern device—the telephone, telegraph, radio, printing press, the short wave systems … , and the other devices that are coming."
Wirthlin provides statistics on the discrepancy between the moral standards of mainstream American (in 1993) and Hollywood.
Information on Melchizedek and some of the symbolic significance he has in relation to the priesthood that bears his name.
Receives tithes from Abraham.
King of Salem
Blesses Abraham
Receives tithes
Power of his priesthood
His city, Salem
Greatness of Melchizedek and how he established a Zion in Salem.
Melchizedek was a great high priest who's name became the name of the priesthood he held.
Melchizedek Priesthood
The sigificance of the Melchizedek Priesthood as opposed to the Aaronic Priesthood.
One of only two orders of the priesthood.
Formerly call "the Holy Priesthood, after the Order of the Son of God".
Named after Melchizedek the great high priest in order to avoid "the too frequent repetition of" the name of the "Supreme Being"
Rights and authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood.
Power of the Melchizedek Priesthood.
The Messiah
Military Families
The Millenium
Christ will reign.
Satan will be bound.
Enoch 5
Description of conditions during the millenium.
Enoch 45
Judgement of sinners and transformation of the Earth discussed.
Missionary Work
L. Tom Perry, General Conference, October 2007, Priesthood Session
Discusses raising the bar and what it means.
Cites letter describing standards to be met by potential missionaries.
Discusses standards and how to meet and exceed them.
Missouri Persecutions
Joseph Smith, compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith, "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith", p. 32
Written by Joseph Smith in 1833 regarding the hardships faced by the Saints in Missouri: "I cannot account for [the afflictions of the righteous who must be afflicted along with the wicked], only on this wise, that the saying of the Savior has not been strictly observed: 'If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee; or if thy right arm offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee.'"
"Thou shalt not be proud in thy heart; let all thy garments be plain, and their beauty, the beauty of the work of thine own hands"
Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 284
Counsel of the church leaders after Christ and before the Great Apostasy on modesty.
"Surely this thing leadeth into captivity."
Mosiah can't pass on kingdom.
Israel clamors for a king.
Nephites became proud because of their riches, which ought not to be.
"before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God"
In what manner it is appropriate to use/seek riches.
"But ... if they labor for money they shall perish."
"love of money is the root of all evil"
Joseph Smith told that he was to be tempted, because of his family's poverty, to obtain the gold plates for the sake of getting gain.
Enoch 46:7
"Their power rests on their riches ..."
"Woe to you, ye rich, for ye have trusted in your riches ..."
"Woe unto you, ye sinners, for your riches make you appear like the righteous ..."
"Woe to you who acquire silver and gold in unrighteousness ..."
The More Sure Word of Prophecy
Roy W. Doxey, "Accepted of the Lord: The Doctrine of Making Your Calling and Election Sure", Ensign, July 1976, p. 50
All ordinances must be received.
Obedience must be proved by showing a willingness to sacrifice all.
The Mormon Battalion
Elder Lance B. Wickman, "From Iowa to Immortality: A Tribute to the Mormon Battalion", Ensign, July 2007
A brief telling of the story of the Mormon Battalion, along with some thoughts on their significance.
Moroni (son of Mormon)
Moroni's Promise
The promise itself.
Elder Robert S. Wood, "The Quest for Spiritual Knowledge", Ensign, June 2007
Elder Wood relates his experience trying Moroni's promise.
Moroni's Visit to Joseph Smith Jr.
Institute Manual for Pearl of Great Price, JS-H 1:41
Oliver Cowdery mentions Moroni citing the following scriptures:
Isaiah 28:21
Isaiah 29:11-14
John 10:16
1 Corinthians 1:27-28
(Cited from "Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate", Feb. 1835, pp. 79-80)
Joseph Smith Jr.'s account.
Institute Manual for Pearl of Great Price, JS-H 1:50-53
Joseph Smith Jr. was shocked when trying to obtain the plates because his mind was focused on the wealth and prestige he might gain.
(Cited from Oliver Cowdery, "Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate", Oct. 1835, p. 198)

Beheld the Prince of Darkness that he might be better able to discern good from evil. He was told that he would not be able to receive the plates "not only till he was willing, but [able to keep the commandments]."
(Cited from Lucy Mack Smith, "History of Joseph Smith", p. 81)
Joseph Smith Jr. in Dean C. Jesse, "The Papers of Joseph Smith", Vol. 1, pp. 7-9
An account of events relating to the obtaining of the gold plates.
Shocked when initially attempting to obtain the plates because he sought them for riches.
Moses restores keys of gathering.
Joseph in Egypt promised that Moses would free his people. Name and some circumstances given.
Josephus, Antiquities, 2.9.2-4.8.49
From the prophecy of Moses's birth to his non-death.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q545, Frag. 4
Some comments by an angel on Moses's holy calling.
Moses prophecies of Christ as a prophet that shall be raised up like unto himself.
Enoch 89:15-17,30-36
Enoch sees Moses in a dream represented symbolicly.
The Name "Moses"
According to Josephus the name, "Moses", refers to one who is saved by water. This is working from the root "Mo" meaning "water". (I'm not sure about "ses" in Egyptian, but m-w does mean "water" in Middle Egyptian.)
Conversely "Mosis" is a well attested name suffix in Egyptian, having the meaning of "son of". I have also seen this translated as "boy child" and I presume that it is related to the Egyptian m-s, which means child.
My thought then is that this would suggest that "Moses" could be translated as "son", "a son", or "the son", which would make him a Christ figure. Of course, Moses already is a known Christ figure.
The influence of good mothers gave Helaman's stripling warriors courage and faith for battle.
Stripling warriors, inspired by faithful mothers, are courageous and obedient in battle and are thus preserved that not one is killed.
A good exposition on the role, responsibility, and importance of mothers according to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Mothers Working Outside the Home
Shauna Bird Dunn, "Mother, Come Home", Ensign, April 2007, p.9
Shauna tells her experience of discovering where the Lord wanted her to be.
Elder Dale E. Miller, "The Effective Elders Quorum", Ensign, April 2005
"But the Lord has offered an old program in new dress, and it gives promise ... to bring mother home from social life and employment ..."
Citing President Spencer W. Kimball in Conference Report, Apr. 1965, 61in referrence to home teaching
Especially for single mothers.
Interesting piece responding to a divorced mother with a child who was feeling like her child was being neglected when she worked outside the home.
Contrary to what I thought the answer should be, the answer, which seems to make more sense to me, is that single mothers should stay home with their children and find ways to support themselves with home. Family should help if necessary, and if still more is needed, the Lord has specifically revealed that church welfare is to help out.
It is that important to the Lord that children have their mothers to help them.
"Women have claim on their husbands for their maintenance, until their husbands are taken"
"And the storehouse shall be kept by the consecrations of the church; and widows and orphans shall be provided for"
Mount of Transfiguration
Account of events.
Account of Events
Account of events.
We lack a full account of events on the Mount of Transfiguration.
Larry E. Dahl, "I Have a Question", Ensign, Apr. 1983, pp. 21-23
Was Elias Elijah or John the Baptist?
Keith W. Perkins, "I Have a Question", Ensign, July 1999, pp. 64-66
Was Elias Elijah or John the Baptist?
The Identity of Elias
I'm not personally satisfied with the explanations given regarding the identity of Elias. The citations within the "I Have a Question" articles seem to lack the authority and/or clarity that I would hope to find in order to settle the matter. Since it's not knowledge we need to work out our salvation, however, that doesn't seem entirely inappropriate.
Mountain Meadows
Best exposition of the events related to the Mountain Meadows massacre that I have ever seen.